Failing to replace a faulty roof can have several negative consequences, including reduced energy efficiency, interior leaking, mold, mildew, and pest problems. And if the damage is severe enough, it can even cause structural damage. Not to mention the decreased property value. At Graves Brothers Home Improvement, we’re committed to working with homeowners to replace their roof to help improve the quality of their home.

worker nailing shinglesVariables that Affect the Cost

  • One of the main factors is the size of your home, where the larger the square footage, the more materials and work that is required.
  • Next, is the roofing materials. The majority of roofs use asphalt shingles which tend to be more affordable materials and easier to install. There are more options that include specialty shingles like wood, metal, and slate. These provide a nice custom look, but can have a higher cost
  • Different houses will require different materials like underlayments, flashing, drip edge, manufacturer-quality materials, etc. This can help to qualify for warranties and extend the length and performance of their roof.
  • The amount of roof decking that needs to be replaced, will adjust the cost of a roof but is required to set a reliable foundation for your roofing materials
  • The number of layers currently on your roof. Note that additional layers take longer to tear off, and there are more materials to be discarded. Cedar shake roofs, in particular, cost more to tear off.
  • The pitch of your roof will also factor into how much you ultimately end up paying based on the added challenges of installation.Getting a Roof Replacement Estimate

The best way to accurately determine how much it will cost to replace your home’s roof is to get a professional estimate. At Graves Brothers, we perform a full professional inspection where we examine the entire perimeter of your roof, along with the attic to check the insulation and airflow. We’ll look at the condition of your roof while taking into consideration the square footage, suggested roofing materials, labor costs, and more. After that, we’ll provide you with an estimate with detailed information, as well as mention any specific issues we find. Also, note that we use cutting-edge technology like HOVER that can provide you with a realistic view of what the finished product will look like after your new roof has been installed.

To schedule your roof replacement estimate, or if you have any additional questions, reach out to Graves Brothers today. Our team has more than 40 years of experience and will be happy to assist you. Contact us by phone at one of the numbers below or send an email through our secure online contact form.

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