You’ve decided it’s time for a new roof. Do you know what comes next? Many people aren’t sure what goes into a new roof or what differentiates one roof from another. Once installation starts, the roofing process can be a bit noisy and dusty — and a lot is happening on the day of the project. Let’s go through the steps so you’re adequately prepared!



Whether you’re in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, or any of the surrounding areas, the roofing process starts with a free estimate from Graves Brothers.

If you need a roof replacement, we will come out and take several pictures of the exterior of your home from different angles. These images will be used by HOVER to provide us with accurate measurements for materials. You will receive a HOVER link with a 3D rendering of your home. With it, you can try on different types, colors, and styles of shingles to help in the decision making process.

While most roofers only look at your roof, it is important for your home that we inspect your roof and attic. We’ll look at the age, any damage, structural issues, look for leaks, and more. Our estimators have manufacturers’ shingle samples available so you can see the actual materials we use.

We will make our recommendations — customized to your home’s needs — and discuss them with you, along with pricing. We’re happy to take the time to answer all of your questions so you can make informed, educated decisions for your home.

Contractor holding roofing shingle on roof

Once you give us the go-ahead, our specialized team will manage all of the details. We focus on materials, permits, warranties, and anything else related to the project. When everything is ready to go, we’ll be ready to schedule your residential roof installation.

3D rendering of anatomy of a house


Graves Brothers Home Improvement takes pride in providing customers with the highest quality service and materials during roof installation.

  1. Protect your home: siding, landscaping, gardens, shrubs, and yard with tarps
  2. Fast removal of old shingles
  3. Inspect your decking for rot to make sure you have a solid roof foundation for your new roof
  4. Use manufacturer accessories to maximize roof performance and get warranty coverage. Includes:
    • Apply ice & water shield 

    • Apply underlayment felt

    • Apply starter shingles at eaves

  5. Install roof as chosen by you to complement your home
  6. Install new vents to ensure proper attic ventilation
  7. Install new flashing
  8. Thoroughly clean the entire job site with a magnetic broom. Find something we missed? We will come back to take care of it
  9. An On-Site Manager will review the project with the homeowner to discuss the new installation, address any questions and ensure homeowner satisfaction