Closeup of roof shingles after hiring local roof contractors

Finding a contractor to fix or replace your roof can be a daunting task. When it comes to something as costly as a roof replacement, we want to know that we're hiring the best of the best. Hiring a local roofing contractor has unique advantages. Below are 5 benefits to keep in mind when choosing a residential roofing contractor.

1. Local Knowledge

Local roofing contractors know your area very well and have a pretty good idea of what type of roofs are appropriate. Northeasterners are used to rain, snow and extreme cold. That's one of the biggest reasons why asphalt roofs are used. Asphalt shingle roofs insulate your home against the dangerously cold weather and are also durable and flexible enough to support the weight of snow collected on your roof.

2. Hands-on Experience

Your roof is a big investment and it deserves hands-on experience. Local contractors will deliver that and personalized customer service to you.

Most owners and managers of local roofing companies will frequently stop by their job site to ensure everything is running smoothly. You won't receive that one-on-one interaction with large out-of-area franchises.

3. Readily Available

When consumers are buying, they make decisions based on the information they have about the product or service. A local roofing company will be readily available to respond to your questions or concerns. They'll be better at explaining to you the meaning of commonly used terms, like shingles and flashing. Understanding the meaning of these terms helps you know if it's the right service for your home.

4. Accountability

Most roofing contractors offer a workmanship warranty, which means the contractor that completed the original installation will take responsibility for both material and labor issues. Graves Bros. offers the best warranty available for each of our roofing brands, including the GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty.

By contracting locally, if a warranty issue occurs, they'll back up their warranty and fix the problem. Hiring an out-of-town roofer may hinder your chances of this. You may be waiting for weeks for repair.

5. Community First

Local roofing contractors are not just businesses, they are part of your local community. They prioritize maintaining the well-being of their community. Residential roofing contractors want to ensure that all their projects will be in the best interest of the neighborhood. They know the local climate and common problems faced by homeowners in the area, so they can immediately adjust their work to suit the project.

Hiring a roofing professional is a big decision and all factors should be considered. Staying local is your best bet, that you can trust and rely on to deliver the best work possible. Graves Bros. Home Improvement delivers high quality, from our family to yours. Hire a local roofing professional, like Graves Bros. today!

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