As the winter months are quickly approaching, and with heating costs continuing to rise, keeping your home warm can be a challenge. Aside from adding extra layers of clothing and blankets, and raising the thermostat, the next best thing to consider when wanting to stay warm is insulation. If your home is poorly insulated, you’ll know it by the cold drafts in each room; walls and floors will feel cold to the touch; temperatures are inconsistent throughout the house; and your energy bills will be higher than normal.

How to Choose the Best Insulation for Your Home
If you’re looking to repair or replace the insulation in your home, there are a few factors that can affect your decision. The first is budget. The cost of insulation can vary when it comes to the materials you use. The scope of the project is also a big factor, especially if walls need to be removed to access and install the new insulation. If you’re not comfortable with doing it yourself, or if the project is larger than what you expected, having professionals on site to do the job is also something to consider.

When looking at insulation, options available include:

  1. Fiberglass – This is one of the most well-known, popular types of insulation and has been used in homes for nearly 100 years. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, while still being effective, fiberglass is great to consider.
  2. Spray Foam – If you’re main priority is energy savings, lowering the cost of your heating bill, and having the highest-quality insulation, spray foam is one of the best options to consider. While it may be more costly than fiberglass, spray foam is proven to be superior when it comes to providing long-term comfort in your home.
  3. Cellulose – If you live in an area with brutally cold climates and you’re looking for extra support during the winter months, cellulose insulation is a great choice. It is more effective than fiberglass, and isn’t as expensive as spray foam.
  4. Structural Insulated Panels – This type of insulation is known for being energy-efficient, cost-effective, and an overall superior to other forms of insulation. If you’re looking to save on heating bills for the long-term, SIPs are a great option.

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