Every shingle is critical for maintaining the integrity of your roof and protecting your home from the elements. If there are missing shingles, even just a few, it can potentially create leaks, which can result in several problems. These can include excess moisture, mold, higher energy bills, pest infestations, and structural damage — all of which can be costly. That’s why it’s essential to promptly replace missing shingles before major issues occur.

A roof with red shingles, with one shingle flipped up

The good news is that a few missing shingles don’t usually mean you need an entire roof replacement. As long as you have the shingles replaced quickly with professional roof repair, this should prevent any major damage from happening. However, if you wait too long, the repairs will likely become more costly and it may eventually require an entire roof replacement.

At Graves Brothers Home Improvement, we provide you with a complete roof inspection to determine the extent of the problem and promptly handle the repair to fully protect your home. In most cases, replacing missing shingles can be done relatively quickly and easily. And if you end up needing to replace your roof within a year of the repair, we’ll apply the money spent on the repair — up to $1,000. We have more than 40 years of experience, a team of specialized professionals, and give our customers top-of-the-line service.

Also, we take great measures to ensure only the highest level of quality and professionalism. That’s why we offer a 5-year labor warranty on roof installation services, which covers you if there are any issues with labor or craftsmanship. Besides that, we offer manufacturer warranties through GAF — one of North America’s largest and most respected roofing manufacturers. With these, you can get a lifetime term for GAF shingles, 50 years of Smart Choice Protection, up to a 30-year warranty on StainGuard Plus algae-resistant products, and more.

If you’ve noticed missing shingles, we suggest having a thorough roof inspection performed to identify all missing shingles, as well as any other damage that has occurred, and ensure everything is correctly repaired. Contact Graves Brothers today, and our team will answer any questions you have and schedule you on our calendar. We serve the Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Tarrytown, Center Valley, and West Hartford areas. Call the phone numbers below or send an email through our secure contact form to get started.

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