When the sun beats down and summer temperatures soar, it can take a toll on your home in several ways:

  • Subtle roof damage can occur where shingles start to buckle and weaken.
  • If there’s inadequate airflow to your attic, the stifling heat can make shingles deteriorate more quickly and potentially result in mold growth.
  • If your home has siding, the harsh summer weather can cause it to warp and fade, which sets the stage for problems with moisture, mold, and pests.
  • And without proper insulation and sealing, your energy bills can skyrocket in the blazing heat.

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Fortunately, these are all issues that can be prevented by staying proactive with your home maintenance. At Graves Brothers Home Improvement, we offer services that address these common problems to ensure your home is equipped to handle the heat. As you prepare for warmer weather, here are some of the best ways to protect your home and prevent problems like these from happening:

Make Sure Your Home is Well Insulated

If you’re experiencing high energy bills, drafts, or fluctuations in room temperatures throughout your home, there’s a good chance it’s under-insulated. When this is the case, it makes your air conditioner work overtime, and your home is more susceptible to moisture buildup, mold, and pests. That’s why a great starting point is checking the insulation in your attic, basement, crawlspace, and exterior walls. If there’s an issue, you’ll want to have your home properly insulated as soon as possible.

Get Replacement Windows

Quality, airtight windows play a critical role in keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient in the hot summer months. If you have drafty windows that allow cool air to escape, it can send your energy bills soaring. In this situation, getting replacement windows can ensure cool air stays in while also making your home look great and providing plenty of natural light.

Consider New Siding

Over the years, intense exposure to heat and sunlight during the summer can damage your siding and create issues like we mentioned earlier. If you’ve noticed rotting or warping, cracked or loose panels, peeling interior paint or wallpaper, or severe fading, it’s smart to consider having new siding installed. Some of the most popular options are vinyl, fiber-cement, and stone veneer siding.

Perform Routine Roof Maintenance

Finally, hot summer weather, especially with high humidity, can be harmful to roof shingles, causing them to warp and crack. In turn, this can weaken the materials and potentially cause leaking over time. Having routine roof maintenance done is important for identifying small issues and fixing them before they become major. Replacing a few missing shingles, for example, may prevent you from having your entire roof replaced.

If you need help with these types of home maintenance, Graves Brothers Home Improvement will be happy to help. We employ a team of dedicated professionals and handle insulation, windows, siding, roofing, and more. You can reach us through our secure online contact form or by calling the location nearest to you.

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