Indoor view of glass patio doors

Want convenient access to the outdoors? Need extra natural light in your home? Summer is here and one of the best upgrades you can make for your home is a new patio door.

Here are 5 things to consider before making your patio door purchase:

1. Know your budget.

Before you start picking out your favorite doors, determine your budget. The cost of patio doors can vary depending on details such as size, quality, and features.

2. Choose a style and design that fits your home and personality.

Choosing the right patio door has an equally big impact on both the interior and exterior appearance of your home.

3. Know the functionality and restrictions.

Sliding doors are great for condos and/or homes where there isn't much space around the door. If you're looking for a traditional look, keep in mind that hinged patio doors swing in or out, creating more of a challenge in tight spaces.

4. Know the material.

Believe it or not, materials matter when it comes to your patio door. Consider vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum, all-weather materials that will never need painting.

  • Vinyl Patio Doors are low maintenance and great for retaining color due to the molding color process
  • Sliding Patio Doors are a great option because many of them have a screen that you can let the fresh air come, while keeping the bugs out
  • Swinging or French Patio Doors are so versatile and need room to open, so consider the furniture and other objects nearby
  • Folding Patio Doors are great for large spaces and can make a statement
  • Wood Patio Doors are very attractive, but are high maintenance and come with a price
  • Aluminum or Steel Patio Doors are durable and a cost-effective alternative to other materials, but are not as energy efficient
  • Fiberglass is a great material for patio doors because it's lightweight, durable and weather resistant
  • Glass Patio Doors: Low-E glass is an energy efficient option that helps lower your energy bills year round while preventing harmful UV rays to come in. Decorative glass will make your door pop and frosted glass for give you the added privacy you need.

5. Find a professional for your next patio door project.

Once you know exactly what you want, contact a knowledgeable, reliable, trained professional who can help you install your new patio door. If you still have questions or concerns, our team here at Graves Bros. can assist you further and would be more than happy to be your door installer. Call us at 585-288-3390 to request an estimate appointment.