Gray siding on a home

Just like your roof, siding is an important investment for your home. It also has many more purposes other than enhancing your curb appeal. It protects and insulates, but also has an environmental impact. It also costs so much less than other material options like wood, stucco, brick, stone, and metal.

Siding comes in many styles, colors, textures, and types. Choosing the right siding can feel very overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Below are your basic need-to-knows before moving forward with your new home improvement project. These will help reduce feeling overwhelmed in making the best decision for yourself.

Know the Basics

Traditional siding is where great looks and low maintenance harmoniously live together. Styles such as clapboard, beaded, and Dutch lap brings the quaint to Cape Cods and Colonials.

Insulated siding adds energy efficiency, UV resistance, and colorfast fade resistance to the aesthetically pleasing side of things. This is great because it's low maintenance.

Shake & shingles siding gives you through-the-roof curb appeal. It looks perfectly at home on a variety of rustic-style architecture such as Cottage and Victorian.

Think about what style of home you have and start from there.

The Impact Of Siding

- Enhancing Your Curb Appeal: The style and color of your siding are some of the ways to give your home its wow factor.
- Lifestyle Impact: Today's materials are less likely to get damaged by inclement weather because it's practically wind, weather, and impact resistant.
- Environmental Impact: Vinyl and insulated siding are GREEN from birth and you can do a simple clean with just mild soap and water. What's not to love about that?
- Financial Impact: Upfront, vinyl siding is relatively less expensive because it costs less to install. In the long-term, vinyl is low-maintenance. There's virtually no upkeep, other than the occasional power wash.

The Color Says It All

In need of a color change? These steps will help you choose the right hue for your home. Because choosing a new siding color cannot only change the way you feel about your home but also impact the value of it too.

Choose a combination of hues that not only is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also complements your neighborhood.

Think about the size and architecture of your home. The style of your home may provide visual cues. A Colonial home is a good example. They are often painted a single color such as white; unusual accents can offer a subtle, yet modern twist to that traditional scheme. Some home styles, such as cottage and country, may offer more freedom when it comes to choosing siding colors for your home.

Depending on the size of your home, colors can play tricks on the eye. Sometimes making your home look smaller than it already is.
Best Practice: Light colors neutralize features that you may wish to de-emphasize, while dark colors draw attention to places you may want to highlight.

Lastly, what is the color of your roof? If your roofing material is dark in color, it may inspire you to consider a lighter siding color. If it is a more neutral hue, this allows for more color choices.

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