A cozy sitting area with a wooden bench, pillows, and lighting, surrounded by a wall of windows looking outdoors

Energy-efficient windows are great for keeping the drafts out during the winter, and they're also great for the warmer months. Having them installed will help keep your home cool in the summer. Consequently, your home is comfortable and you'll also save on energy and other costs.

Here are the 5 benefits of having energy-efficient windows installed in your home:

Reduces energy costs.

By having energy-efficient windows, you use less energy. As a result, it not reduces your energy bill. Similarly, it also reduces your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other homes.

Designed to provide the best insulation possible.

Did you know that energy-efficient windows have a special gas that's in between the window panes? These gases are there to increase insulation and act as a barrier to keep heat out in the summer and in during the winter.

Protects you.

Energy-efficient windows are manufactured with a thin coating of invisible metal. This invisible metal reflects harmful UV Rays, allowing only sunlight to come in. This will protect everything in your home. Long-term exposure to sunlight will fade and/or deteriorate fabrics and other materials.

Reduces outside noise.

Energy-efficient windows are manufactured with thick glass that has gasses inserted between the window panes. This helps reduce outside noise from traffic, neighbors, and even nature.


In addition to the benefits listed above, energy-efficient windows last longer than older windows. With warranties varying from 10 years to a lifetime, you won't have to worry about replacing them for a long while.

If you have older windows and like what you just read, consider energy-efficient windows as your new investment. Call 585-288-3390 to find out more about new windows.