Clipboard with an Energy Audit form to fill out

What Is a Home Performance Audit?

High energy bills, drafty rooms, dampness, and uneven temperatures are all symptoms of larger issues. Your home works as a system, so putting a band-aid over one thing may not fix the source. A Graves Brothers Home Performance Audit is a review of your home's overall health. We start with your energy use --- how much you're using, how much you're losing, and how to make your home more efficient.

The Home Performance Audit is a comprehensive inspection performed by a certified professional. This audit is your first step toward making a scientific approach to home improvements. It's a good idea to schedule a professional audit to find out where you can enhance your home's performance. The evaluation includes inspection of:

  • Air flow performance:
    • Attic Insulation levels:
    • Window frames
    • Air vents
  • Equipment efficiencies:
    • HVAC
    • Thermostat
    • Water heater
  • Safety:
    • Gas lines
    • Indoor air quality

What Types of Changes Might Be Suggested?

The audit includes a prioritized list of suggested home improvements that will make your home more healthy, comfortable, and cost-efficient. Recommendations are based on what will give you the highest return and what makes the most sense for your needs, budget and safety.

Recommendations may include replacing some of your current appliances with new, energy-efficient models. This could include your furnace, washer/dryer, or refrigerator. Energy Star certified products can help you use up to 30% less energy in your home. Another suggestion may be adding insulation. Your current home may have loose, insufficient, or worn-out insulation allowing heat to escape. A programmable thermostat is another energy-efficient item they may recommend. Adjust the temperature according to your lifestyle --- perhaps set the temperature lower at night or when nobody is home during the day --- and save energy!

How Can We Help?

Graves Brothers Home Improvement can assist you in implementing energy-efficient changes in your home. We offer a large number of services, including roofing, windows and doors, siding, and more. We are happy to recommend a reputable contractor in the area for services we don't provide, such as HVAC.