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Fall is the season when gutters are cleaned in preparation for the cold and wet months ahead.

There would be far less property damage if more homeowners and property managers knew the best way to clean out their gutters. Cleaning gutters properly also results in fewer injuries and deaths.

Repairs from clogged gutter damage can be very costly. If rainwater doesn't flow properly through the gutters and downspout system it backs up and overflows. During the chilly months, water can freeze, causing damage and a host of other problems.

The best way to clean out your gutters isn't so cut and dry. There are many people who swear by their method and say it's the best way. The truth is, there are many different approaches to cleaning out your gutters. So what you need to do is educate yourself about each one and choose what works best for you.

Keep in mind is that no matter which way you choose to clean your gutters, it will be a tough and demanding job that is time-consuming. If this is something you are not prepared to do, hiring a professional is the best option. If that is not an option, below is a list of ways to clean your gutters.

*** Be careful when cleaning out your gutters! Serious injuries may occur if an accident involves a person falling off a ladder.

1. Gutter Cleaning By Hand

The most common approach to cleaning out gutters is by hand. It doesn't require special equipment and it's free. You will need a ladder and a bucket to put the muck in. Heavy-duty gloves will help to protect your hands and wrists while working too.

HOW TO: Climb the ladder, reach into your gutters, and start pulling out any debris you find in there.

You'll most likely find a combination of leaves, dead insects, pine needles, dirt, and anything else that happens to end up in your gutters over the course of a year. If you need a workout, climbing up and down that ladder will give you just that. Just keep in mind, cleaning your gutters is very labor-intensive.

2. Gutter Cleaning With A Blower

If digging your hands into your gutters doesn't sound appealing, then you could opt for using a blower to clean out your gutters instead. Many blowers come with a special attachment that goes on the end. This attachment will narrow down the stream of air that is coming out. Producing a narrow stream of air at fairly high pressure usually works quite well for jobs such as cleaning out gutters.

If cleaning your gutters with a blower is what you chose to do, here are a couple of challenges to keep in mind.

The first challenge is that the muck in your gutters is probably going to be moist and sticky, not dried and hard. The powerful stream of air coming from your blower may not remove all of the muck from your gutters.

Another challenge of using a blower to clean out your gutters is that it's very easy to accidentally push the muck along the gutters into the downspouts. If this happens, it will clog your downspouts, which will require equipment to clean out properly. If you leave the blockage in the downspout, it will cause problems down the road.

3. Gutter Cleaning With A Power Washer

If you are looking for fast and easy, clean your gutters with a power washer. A power washer uses a high-powered stream of water to clean and remove debris. Power washers can remove virtually anything in their path, making it an ideal option if you are doing the job yourself. The plus? Power washers can actually remove just about every bit of muck in your gutters which means that you won't have to clean as often as you would if you use a blower.

The greatest perk of using a power washer is that it will clear out a downspout. The only challenge we see with using a power washer is that it's a messy job, so you'll also need to spend some time pressure washing your house and roof when you are done.

4. Avoid Using A Gutter Cleaning Robot To Clean Out Your Gutters

If you haven't heard of one, a gutter cleaning robot is another alternative to cleaning your gutters. Unfortunately, a gutter cleaning robot is not the best option for a variety of reasons.

They are very expensive and they also aren't as effective at cleaning out gutters as a person is. Sure, they clean your gutters, just not enough to keep your gutters clean and working properly. Another downfall of a gutter cleaning robot is that they don't spot potential problems with your gutters, which could end up causing you to need some costly repairs.

No matter what method you use to clean your gutters, be cautious and do your very best because cleaning your gutters multiple times a year is a waste of time and energy.

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