Roofing Repair

Roofing Repair Services When You Need It Most

When it comes to repairing roofs, we’ve got you covered! Our services include Residential Roof Repair, Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair, and Roof Replacements.

To Replace or Repair Your Roof

Not all home improvement decisions are cut and dry. It’s sometimes acceptable to repair a roof rather than replace it. Which avenue you go down will all depend on several factors; including the type of damage your roof sustained and what percentage of the total roof surface needs repair.

With regular maintenance and taking care of minor problems as they arise, replacing your roof should be scheduled rather than needed to solve a major problem. How do you know? Let’s see of your roof passes our questionnaire:

  • Are your roofing issues concentrated in a specific area? You may be looking at some repair work.
  • How old is your asphalt roof? If it’s over 15 years old, replacing the roof may be the way to go.
  • Have you noticed your roof sagging? Call a roofing contractor as soon as possible. You must replace the entire roof.
damaged shingle roof
water damage and repair

Leak Diagnosis and Roof Repair

If you have experienced damage to your roof, no matter how large or small the leak, we are the roof repair company for you. With more than 40 years of roofing experience, Graves Brothers Home Improvement Co. is here to help you get the most from our services. One of our service reps will come out and inspect your roof to determine what type of roof repair you need. Most importantly they will answer all your questions so you feel confident we are the home improvement company for you.

Roof leaks can be caused by many different things, including: wind storms, rain storms, falling trees and debris, or just plain old age. Whatever the cause, we are here to help you with the right roof leak repair for your property. When you have experienced any of the above, even if you don’t see a leak, call us for an inspection. Sometimes damage doesn’t show up for some time, and it’s always easier to catch it before the problems begin!

Roofing Repair Service Call Standards

Our roof repair services are second to none. No matter the state your current roof is in, we will provide you with the best solutions for your home or property. There is an initial flat rate for the first 2 hours and after that there is an hourly fee plus any materials and taxes that may be applicable. If the roof needs to be replaced (beyond repair), then one of our Graves Brothers representatives will provide a free estimate for the roof replacement and if you decide to proceed and work with us, you will be credited back the initial service fee.

damaged shingle roof

What Sets Graves Brothers Apart From the Competition?

We recognize that the biggest obstacle to a successful roofing project is choosing the right contractor to do the work. We have done the work to help make your decision that much easier. Graves Brothers has joined an exclusive factory-certification program sponsored by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. We hold the Master Elite™ status, which is GAF’s highest contractor certification.

As a Master Elite® Roofing Contractor, Graves Brothers had to show we are:

  • Properly licensed by our state to perform roofing work.
  • Required to maintain insurance (for your protection).
  • Have an established history of providing quality roofing services throughout the community.
  • Committed to ongoing professional training to ensure a quality installation.

Graves Brothers is also only one of five roofing contractors in Rochester to have achieved “SELECT Shingle Roofer” status with CertainTeed. To maintain this status we must undergo regular testing and re-accreditation, obtain proper insurance, and agree to abide by a code of ethics. Only a “SELECT Shingle Roofer” can offer CertainTeed’s 5-star warranty.

According to Certainteed, “A SELECT shingle roofer is in the top 1% of his profession.”

Do not wait to fix that leak, contact Graves Brothers today for an inspection.

Signs of a Leaky Roof

Old roof or new roof, wear and tear is inevitable with heavy winds, rainstorms, and long winters. Roof leaks can be avoided by regular maintenance and upkeep.

Broken Shingles

Having broken shingles is one of the most common causes of a leaky roof. It’s very important that whenever a major storm with high winds are in the forecast, you check your shingles’ integrity.

Broken Flashing

Flashing are thin pieces of metal that are installed under shingles and on the joints of your roof in order to create a water-resistant barrier. When exposed, they’ll look like long runs of sheet metal. Broken flashing can cause roof leaks.

Attic Condensation

A strong, musty odor emerging from the attic is a key sign that water has gotten inside. It’s not unheard of to experience condensation and mold in your attic because the attic is trapped between indoor and outdoor temperatures. When these two extremes happen, condensation will form and moisture will follow.

Clogged Gutters

Not only can a clogged gutters cause a leak from the roof, but it can also cause a flood in the basement. That’s why cleaning the gutters every Fall is imperative.

There are a lot of tools that can clean out gutters. A hose can do a lot of good to wash leaves and other debris out, but other tools like a blower and a power washer will do the trick.

Cracked Chimney

If your home has a chimney, look for signs of cracks around the mud cap or around the top of the chimney. On occasion, there are holes in the mortared joints where the chimney connects with the roof. As mentioned above, be on the lookout for loose flashing and shingles in the surrounding area of your chimney.

Improperly Installed Skylights

Leaks from the skylights should be very easy to spot. If you notice wet spots or leaks around the sides of the skylights, you know the cause of your leak. The skylights were improperly measured and fitted upon installation. Keep in mind, wet spots or leaks near the skylight may also be a flashing issue.