Insulation is something the professionals at Graves Bros. know about. For that reason, we will evaluate your insulation needs and help you decide how to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

When your home is energy efficient you lower your carbon footprint. Likewise, you lower your energy bill. Everyone likes saving money. Having proper insulation in your home, specifically the attic, will help ensure a lower energy bill.

When You Should Check Your Insulation

Benefits of proper insulation are found throughout every season. Summer time to keep cool, winter to keep warm. And everything in between. Therefore, now is a great time to make sure your home is properly insulated.

When your attic is insulated correctly the temperature in your home remains more constant. Insulation acts as a barrier to keep heat in during cold months and cool air in during the hot summer months. As a result, energy produced from an A/C unit, central air, furnace, radiant heat, etc. will not be lost as fast.

Our Preferred Insulation Brand

We use InsulSafe SP® from Certainteed which offers many benefits:

  • Quick, clean and easy installation
  • Can be installed right over your current insulation
  • Lasts for the lifetime of your home
  • Will not rot, decay, corrode or settle
  • Excellent sound control to make your home quieter
  • Certified for superior indoor air quality and regularly tested by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for Indoor Air Quality
  • Meets local and federal standards and is regularly tested by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center to verify the insulation performs as stated

Installing thermally-efficient InsulSafe SP® is one of the most cost-effective energy conservation measures you can take.

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