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A handyman is a skilled handy worker that provides a wide range of minor home repairs and/or improvements around the home. These skills include repair work and maintenance work in both the interior and exterior of a home. Graves Brothers Home Improvement Co. provides handyman repair services to help you maintain your home and property. We can save you time and money by fixing an issue before it becomes a major problem.
Check out our home repair service list below.

Home Repair Services

Bathroom Repairs

  • Replace caulk and grout
  • Tile repair
  • Flooring repair
  • Repair/install shower door

Deck Building & Repairs

  • Repair loose decking boards
  • Fix stairs and railings
  • Deck leveling
  • Clean and stain

Interior and Exterior Doors

  • Fix weather stripping
  • Adjust stuck doors
  • Replace hardware
  • Install deadbolts
  • Install storm doors
  • Install sliding or french doors
  • Install/change locks
  • Align doors
  • Install replacement doors


  • Repair floors
  • Install ceramic, tile, marble, slate, wood & linoleum
  • Caulk, grout & cut flooring
  • Install tile in bath & kitchen


  • Replace missing shingles
  • Locate and repair leaks
  • Replace flashing
  • Repair/Replace skylights

Kitchen Repairs

  • Repair cabinets
  • Repair cabinet doors


  • Replace rotted soffits and fascia
  • Repair cracked vinyl siding
  • Replace missing siding
  • Replace rotted shingles


  • Replace window(s)
  • Repair screens
  • Replace fogged glass
  • Replace window hardware
  • Repair/replace leaking skylights

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  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Minor Electrical
  • Painting & Drywall
  • Carpentry
  • And More!

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General Carpentry

We provide the foundation for concrete, exteriors, roofs, infrastructure, and scaffolding. Some of the carpentry work
we can provide are:

  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Interior trim
  • Cabinetry
  • Roofing
  • Framing
  • Siding

Minor Electrical

Have a small job involving the wiring in your home? Please don’t overlook the problem, when you simply contact us so we can fix the problem.

Removing or replacing:

  • Light sockets
  • Switches
  • Water heater switches
  • Fuse-links
  • Thermostats

Painting & Drywall

In need of residential interior or exterior painting or staining?We’ve also patched, primed and finished our fair share of drywall. No drywall job is too big or too small! 

  • Touch-ups
  • Individual rooms
  • Paint and stain moldings
  • Power washing, cleaning & staining decks
  • Paint and staining fences & gates
  • Cover crack, holes, dents, & imperfections
  • Texture, tape, & finish

Plumbing Repiars

If the plumbing in your home isn’t working properly, it can disrupt your everyday life. Get back on track with our plumbing repair services.

  • Drain treatment to maximize the flow rate
  • Cleaning: garbage disposals & water heaters
  • Pressure tests to detect hairline leaks
  • Water pressure assessment & adjustment

Additional Handyman Services

From Graves Brothers Home Improvement

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Fencing Repair and Installation

Graves Bros. provides fence services for homeowners who want fencing around their front yard, backyard or even just around their swimming pool and spa.

  • Install vinyl, metal and wood fencing
  • Build and fix gates
  • Fence repairs and fixes
  • Paint and stain fence
  • Replace fence posts
Flooring Repair and Replacement

New flooring adds beauty and character to any living space. It also increases the value of your home. So what are you waiting for?

  • Flooring restoration and replacement
  • Install ceramic, tile, marble, slate, wood and linoleum
  • Caulk, grout and cut flooring
  • Install tile in bath, kitchen and foyer
Gutter Installation, Repair and Cleaning

Your gutters are essential and Graves Bros. can provide you relief from clogged and damaged gutters. We offer our residential customers with high-quality gutter and downspout services.

Concrete & Masonry

Considering installing a hot tub on your deck or patio? We have contractors that can build you a pad or fix just about everything. Some of the concrete and masonry work we offer is below.

  • Patch chips and cracks
  • Pour pads, patios and sidewalks
  • Brick installation and repair
  • Chimney repair
  • Brick pointing
Kitchen and Bath Restoration/Repair

Both the kitchen and your bath are the most utilized rooms in your home and we offer services to remodel and repair both.


  • New cabinets
  • Repair cabinets
  • Install cabinets, sinks and countertops
  • Cabinet doors
  • Complete kitchen remodels


  • Install toilets, vanities, mirrors, shower doors, etc.
  • Replace caulk and grout
  • Tile installation and repair
  • Bath flooring installation and repair
  • Hang towel racks, mirrors and accessories
  • We can completely remodel your bathroom from top to bottom
Residential Roofing and Siding Repairs

We are experts at both roofing and siding, so if you need repair or replacement, trust Graves Bros. to complete the job to your satisfaction.


  • Replace missing shingles
  • Locate/repair leaks
  • Replace flashing
  • Repair/replace skylights


  • Replace rotted soffits and fascia
  • Aluminum wrap fascias
  • Clean and paint/stain
  • Cover soffits with vinyl
  • Replace cracked or missing vinyl siding
  • Patch stucco
  • Point brick/block joints
  • Replace rotted shingles
Demolition and Debris Removal

If you need complete removal of something on your property, Graves Brothers can help. We have the equipment and dumpsters to get the job done.

  • Old Decks
  • Paver Patios and Walkways
  • Concrete Pads and walks
  • Old Sheds
  • Above Ground Pools
  • Interior Walls; weight-bearing or not
  • Fences
  • Tubs
  • Floors
  • Kitchen cabinets

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