Using the HOVER App

for Your Home Improvement Project

At Graves Brothers Home Improvement, we use the
Hover app to obtain accurate measurements for all our roofing and siding jobs. It’s simple to use!
With just eight photos, we know exactly how many shingles or siding panels to order for your home. As an added bonus, you get to preview what your home will
look like with your choice of shingles or siding
on an exclusive 3D model generated just for you.

It’s that easy! We will have just what we need to complete your project on-schedule with materials you’ve previewed in advance on the app.
Our Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY, customers love the HOVER app.

Getting Started with HOVER

The HOVER app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones. Here’s how you’ll use it.


1. Receive a link from Graves Brothers to HOVER

2. Download the app for iPhone or Android

3. Open the app, set a password and tap “Get Started”

4. Tap on “Start Capture”

5. Follow the in-app instructions on how to take photos of your property from eight angles

a. Be sure to leave some free space around the edges

b. Include the full property on the corner photos

6. When you’re done, check for any alerts

7. Add extra photos for damage or other concerns, if needed

8. Touch “Continue” to finish

Receive Your 3D Model

Shortly after your HOVER images are submitted, your contractor will receive the necessary measurements to provide you with an accurate estimate for your job. You will receive an email with a link to the 3D rendering of your home.

Open the 3D model and try out different designs, colors, and materials on your roof and siding. A representative from Graves Brothers will be in touch to discuss your final choices. 

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