Bathroom – What Does Yours Say?

Has your bathroom been updated lately? Your bathroom is one of the easiest places for creating style and functionality in your home. Generally, the average bathroom is basic and simple, white and boring, with no obvious personality. Today, that’s no longer the case. With many material and fixture choices it is easy to turn a plane bathroom into a space that evokes style and comfort. Blogs and Pinterest are a couple of resources people go to for bathroom remodeling ideas. If you have an idea of what you would like your bathroom to look like, but are on a limited budget, below are some tips to lower the price tag. 1. Limit the use of tile. Tile can be very expensive and the cost of labor is even more pricey. 2. Research showrooms, fabricators and closeouts at stores. Purchase remnants of materials like granite or title, in lieu of slabs. … Read More

4 Of The Best Gutter Cleaning Solutions

Fall is the season when gutters are cleaned in preparation for the cold and wet months ahead. There would be far less property damage if more home owners and property managers knew the best way to clean out their gutters. Cleaning gutters properly also results in fewer injuries and deaths. Repairs from clogged gutter damage can be very costly. If rainwater doesn’t flow properly through the gutters and downspout system it backs up and overflows. During the chilly months, water can freeze, causing damage and a host of other problems. The best way to clean out your gutters isn’t so cut and dry. There are many people who swear by their method and say it’s the best way. The truth is, there are many different approaches to cleaning out your gutters. So what you need to do is educate yourself about each one and choose what works best for you. Keep … Read More