Shingles Curling – 4 Reasons Why

The roof is arguably the most important component of your house. If the shingles on your roof curl that’s an indication that something is wrong. Below are 4 reasons why your shingles are curling. 1. The shingles on your roof were improperly installed. If the shingles on your roof weren’t put on correctly, this is the main culprit for curling. Due to whomever installed the roof probably didn’t use enough nails or placed them inadequately. Consequently, the shingles work themselves out over time, leaving them loose or curled. If the adhesive strip or tar line isn’t lined up next one another, those shingles will eventually curl or even fall off. 2. Your attic space is not properly insulated or ventilated. A roof ventilation system works by pulling in outside air from intake vents placed on the lower part of the roof. In your home, hot, moisture-filled air typically rises to … Read More